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V Twins Meeting - 2nd day

On December 12, 2020, one day after the scientific event, the USP Twin Panel presented the second day of the V Twins Meeting at USP, through the Google Meets platform. The second day was a more cultural event, aimed at twins and twin parents of all ages.

The event started with some opening speeches by professors who are members of the Panel, and guests. The opening ceremony was held by the guest Professor Maria Aparecida de Andrade Moreira Machado, USP's Dean of Culture and Extension; in addition to Professor Emma Otta and Professor Claudio Possani, members of the Panel. Then, the Professor at the USP Psychology Institute, Maria Lívia Tourinho Moretto, made the presentation of the Panel's clinical arm, talking about her experience in twin care. Finally, Professor Maria Elizabeth Barreto Tavares dos Reis shared her reflections on the construction of the twins' identity in the light of psychoanalysis. We also made time for questions after the presentations, so that viewers could reflect together!

Next, we had the lectures on scientific dissemination, presented by student members of the Panel. We had a lecture by undergraduate Dominique Berthoux de Oliveira Souza, where she presented 5 twin mythconceptions and revealed whether they were scientifically based or not. Then, we had a reading led by students Eloísa de Souza Fernandes and Jennifer Leão Correia, who shared cases of twins reared apart and reunited in adulthood. Both had space for questions, and the audience raised very interesting appointments.

We also had a super special moment with the twins Gabriel Bernardo and Victor Rubim, who were separated at birth. They shared their life story with us, about how they were separated and how they met again; and the Panel presented a video of an original song that they composed about their story: "The bear and the lion". The conversation brought tears to everyone.

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After the Gabriel and Victor's presentation, we interrupted the recording of the event to hold the conversation circles, with the themes "relationship between twins", exclusively for twins, and "twin education", exclusively for parents. The circle of relationships was organized by the members Eloísa Fernandes, Jennifer Correia and Hellen Vivianni V. Corrêa, as well as by the guest Caroline Polato. The member Dominique Berthoux moderated to ensure everyone's safety. The education circle was carried out by Isabella França Ferreira and Caroline Aparecida Grecco de Almeida. Simultaneously, the member Jonas Arantes Bueno organized the game sessions of "stop" and "gartic" for twins under 18. It was a very special moment of integration!


Finally, the closing ceremony was performed by Professor Emma Otta and Professor Claudio Possani. We thank everyone immensely for the audience and support, as well as the guests and members who worked so hard to make the event the best it could be. We hope to have you all again for the VI Twins Meeting at USP in 2021!


Find out more about the 1st day of the V Twins Meeting here.

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