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Who we are


We are a team of researchers and students from the University of São Paulo (USP), under the coordination of Professor Emma Otta from USP's Institute of Psychology.

We founded the Panel in 2015, with the mission of understanding and contributing to the twin universe through scientific research with twins.

What do we do?



When it comes to research, the Panel works with twins and parents of twins in the areas of human behavior and emotions, among other psychological aspects.

We have already conducted research with twins and multiples from all over Brazil on well-being, personality and family relationships.

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When it comes to events, we anually host a Twins Meeting, with activities such as lectures, conversation circles and recreational activities.

In addition to the Meeting, we organize other events during the year open to twins and their families.


National Twins Registry


We created a national twins registry for twins from all over Brazil.


Twins and parents of registered twins can participate in our experiments, helping to expand the field of twins studies in our country.

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We have a team of partners that are recognized for excellence in their respective areas of activity, both in Brazil and internationally.

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