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Visit to Pedralva



Pedralva is a town in Minas Gerais, founded in 1882, has a population of approximately 12,000 inhabitants, with more than half in rural areas, and is known as the City of Twins.

Pedralva has twin birth rates above the national rate: according to news reports, virtually every family has at least one pair of twins, one case in 80 pregnancies. Since 1940, the city has recorded around 300 twin births! This figure exceeds the national average of one twin for every 85 births. And more, most twins are fraternal, and twin fruits are common there!

The trip to Pedralva was made in order to get to know the city and the population, and to establish a partnership with the City of Twins. Therefore, for the USP Twin Panel it would be very interesting to contribute to the knowledge of Pedralva’s population, mostly twins, and to carry out scientific research.

Our visit took place during the town's anniversary, on May 7, and we were able to get in touch with its culture: we participated in the party and even paraded together with the schools!

We stayed for two days in Pedralva, and conducted the pilot of what would become our first face-to-face research a few months later. In the town's basic health unit, we collected data on body measurements, eye tracking, photos, videos, voice recording, questionnaires, as well as DNA testing and registration in the Panel. Twelve pairs of twins participated in our research!



The experience was unforgettable for the group! Until today, we keep in touch with the people from Pedralva, we miss them and we want to go back to visit the town of the twins.

Our most sincere gratitude for the receptivity and affection of all involved, who were extremely attentive and patient, making possible the beginning of an important research of the group and of a beautiful partnership!

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