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IV Twins Meeting at USP

The IV Twins Meeting was held on the afternoon of December 6, 2019, at the Carolina Bori Auditorium of USP's Institute of Psychology. Organized by our research group, this edition featured a diversified and traditional program of the Twins Meetings of the USP Twins Panel: talks, conversation circles, concert and karaoke. Part of the event was recorded and can be seen below!

The opening of the event was held by Professor Emma Otta. Then, the talks were taken: Professor Maria Livia Tourinho Moretto presented the project of clinical care for twins and their parents, carried out at the USP's Institute of Psychology; master student Eloísa De Souza Fernandes presented an overview of the USP Twins Panel and its registration; doctoral student Matheus Henrique Ferreira presented his research on the gaze pattern in twins; psychologist Raquel de Oliveira Landenberger presented the results


A abertura do evento foi realizada pela Professora Emma Otta. Em seguida, foram realizadas as palestras: a Professora Maria Livia Tourinho Moretto apresentou o projeto de atendimento clínico de gêmeos e pais de gêmeos, realizado no próprio Instituto de Psicologia da USP; a aluna de mestrado Eloísa De Souza Fernandes apresentou um panorama geral sobre o Painel USP de Gêmeos e seu cadastro; o aluno de doutorado Matheus Henrique Ferreira apresentou sua pesquisa sobre padrão de olhar nos gêmeos; a psicóloga Raquel de Oliveira Landenberger apresentou os resultados da sua pesquisa sobre

research on attachment among adult twins; and doctoral student Isabella França Ferreira presented the results of her two surveys - on the relationship between twin siblings in childhood and on the separation of twin siblings at school. Click here to watch the talks and conversation circles.


After the break, the conversation circles with the twins began, led by the students Lucas Outeda Fernandes and Gustavo Cesar Crivello, both twins. The theme was “twins and school”. Several twins made speeches pointing out the subtleties of everyday life and their experiences on having a twin brother.


Then, we had the artistic presentations of the event: the twins Helena and Beatriz Contrera Toro had a show singing and playing the piano! Among the songs they sang, there was no lack of Beatles songs. At the end of the event, Karaoke was made available, in which everyone had a great time singing, including the event's organizing team. The USP’s Twins Panel team thanks everyone for their presence and we hope to see you again at the next Meetings!

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