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III Twins Meeting at USP

The III Twins Meeting was held on October 27, 2018, from 2 pm to 6 pm, at the Centro Cultural Butantã and organized by our research group, the USP Twins Panel, made up of researchers from Psychology and related fields. This edition featured a cultural program that involved the twins: we had a conversation circle for twins and multiples, a conversation circle for mothers and fathers, children's games, karaoke and shows.


The opening of the event was carried out by Professor Emma Otta and student Eloísa De Souza Fernandes, explaining the progress and the importance of the USP Twins Panel as a contribution to the academic environment and also bringing together the community of twins in Brazil, little known until then. Then, we had speeches by Professor Maria Livia Tourinho Moretto, Professor Cintia Fridman and Me Two, all partners of the Panel. Then, we had the musical show of Triplets Caram, which is a hit on Youtube. They sang hits by artists, such as: Banda do Mar, Paralamas do Sucesso, Justin Bieber and their first single, "Onde o amor se esconde".


After the show, conversation circles with twins / multiples and parents of twins took place. Circles of twin parents were organized by the group Me Two and the theme was divided into three pillars: feelings, doubts and learnings. Everyone was able to share experiences and stories. Among the themes, we had: the difficulties of having twin children, what it is like to be a parent of twins, questions about the separation of twin siblings at school, and others.

The conversation circle for twins and multiples was organized by the students Gustavo Crivello and Lucas Outeda, after a presentation by all the participants, some topics of major interest for the twins were addressed, such as: the separation of twins at school, the importance of knowing their zygosity, whether they liked to dress alike in childhood and adulthood, curiosities related to twins, and others.


In the end, the two conversation circles came together, and we had an enormous intensity of exchanges, with a familiar perspective. It was a very special and exciting moment for twins and parents. Throughout the event, there were several games for the children, such as fishing, ink painting, playing with rope and face painting. Yes, at the III Twins Meeting, the children gave double (and even triple) trouble!


The twins and parents of twins took lots of photos, exchanged contacts, even created a group for them! At the end of the event the Karaoke was opened, we all had a great time singing. The USP Twins Panel thanks everyone for their presence and we hope to see you again at the next Meetings. We are very excited about the success and importance of the event, and we had a lot of fun too!

Written by


Lucas Outeda Fernandes

Reviewed by


Eloísa de Souza Fernandes

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